Iberia transforms 1,692 temporary airport employees into permanent workers

Iberia has just signed an important agreement with the Iberia Airport Services Employment Monitoring Commission whereby 1,692 temporary employee contracts will become permanent, that is, they will become part of the company with an indefinite contract. This agreement represents the most important improvement of contracts carried out in Airports to date and will begin to be effective as of September 11, once the situation of the productive needs of the 29 airports has been analyzed again.

The transformation of the 1,692 contracts shows the Iberia’s commitment to job stability and job security, even in a context of uncertainty such as the current one, after the most serious crisis in the history of the sector generated by the pandemic and the scenario of economic uncertainty. To this figure of 1,692 transformations, we must add the 800 already carried out also in airports, after the end of the ERTE, on February 28.

“This agreement is a very important step, with the support and commitment of all the employees, to strengthen and place Iberia Airports in an advantageous position in the face of the challenges that lie ahead, such as the Aena handling license competitions, the reduction of our debt or the continuous improvement of our operations and our service to our clients, says the company.

People, along with customers, are Iberia’s main asset and its transformation plan, Iberia Next Chapter, which focuses on different initiatives related to job stability, essential for the development and growth of the company, diversity, talent, flexibility and recognition.

This strategic plan designed for the next three years will allow Iberia to ensure its financial strength, position itself as the preferred airline among travellers, strengthen its position in the Madrid hub and advance in the ecological transition of the air sector.

Iberia Airport Services is Iberia’s airport division and the leading handling company in Spain. It is present in the largest national airports, 29 in total, where it serves the planes and passengers of more than 170 airlines. Nearly 60% of Iberia’s handling operator’s activity is concentrated in the Madrid and Barcelona airports, followed by Gran Canaria, Tenerife Sur, Mallorca, Málaga, Ibiza, Alicante, Bilbao, Santiago de Compostela, Asturias and La Palma.

In recent years, Iberia Airport Services has implemented a “Go-UP Improvement Plan” developed on four pillars: greater digitization of all processes, the development of its business tailored to its customers, strengthening the large distribution centers of traffic -Madrid and Barcelona- where it offers its services and, at the same time, implement a new company culture that increases the commitment and feeling of belonging within its workforce.

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