Iker Casillas, in love with the widow of a soccer player

Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero they separated in March 2021. During these eleven months, the journalist has had two boyfriends (first, the singer Kiki Morente Y since this month of April, the musician Nacho Taboada), but the ex-soccer player has not known any partner.

Yes, he has been related to some women (with the actress Alejandra Onievawith the influencer Rocio Osorno and with the singer Sarah Denez), but nothing was ever confirmed. Now, however, we can say that Iker Casillas has finally found love again after his relationship with the mother of his two children.

María José Camacho, the new illusion of Iker Casillas

Iker Casillas has a new girlfriend, María José Camacho, for three months

As we said, the previous supposed conquests of Iker Casillas were it’s: assumptions. There have never been photos or videos to prove it. But now, in August of this year, things have changed.

Magazine Hello! publishes in its Wednesday edition an extensive report in which the good news is confirmed: that the former soccer player is in love again.

the lucky one is Maria Jose Camachoborn in Terrassa and from 44 years old (three years older than Iker). The publication collects photographs of both, in an affectionate attitude, during a getaway they made to the Andalusian coast last week.

Iker Casillas and his new girlfriend on the cover of 'Hello!'
Iker Casillas and his new girlfriend on the cover of ‘Hello!’

southern getaway

First, they are seen in marbella, where they went out to dinner with some friends, something that shows that their relationship is on the right track. The next day, they visited Sotogrande, where they were caught aboard a ship, alone. All the images exude commitment, attraction and an incipient love with signs of lasting over time.

As for the beginning of their relationship, there is no clear date yet, but it is believed that they started dating at least three months agosince both published in their social networks some photographs in Cadizseparately but with the same background, so everything points to they took snapshots of each other:

Iker Casillas and María José Camacho in Cádiz, on their respective social networks
Iker Casillas and María José Camacho in Cádiz, on their respective social networks

She is the widow of a football player who took his own life.

Maria Jose Camacho She is not completely unknown in the world of football, as she played as a striker in the women’s teams of FC Barcelona and Málaga (in the latter from 2001 to 2012).

In addition, she was married to francesc arnauwho was a goalkeeper for Barcelona and Malaga. Arnau took his own life on May 22, 2021at the age of 46. His body was found next to the train tracks, on the outskirts of Oviedo, where he lived after being signed as Real Oviedo’s sports director.

María José and Francesc spent 22 years togetherand fruit of this love two sons were born: Marc and Pol, 19 and 17 years old, respectively.

Maria Jose Camacho and Francesc Arnau
Maria Jose Camacho and Francesc Arnau

Now, a year and a half after the tragedy, María José has reopened to love hand in hand with Iker Casillasand he has done the same after almost a year single.

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