Ilimane Diop’s scare

Everything was a shock. It didn’t go any further. Ilimane Diop had to be hospitalized last week due to heat stroke. The former Baskonia player fainted during the afternoon training session after suffering dehydration due to the high temperatures at the Murcia Sports Palace.

Sito Alonso’s pupil was immediately transferred to the hospital and the next day, after spend a night admitted at the Ibermutuamur clinic, he would be discharged around three in the afternoon.

The Spanish Chess Championship, which was going to be held in the Murcian pavilion, has changed its location due to the heat

The blame for the dehydration suffered by the UCAM Murcia player lies with the heat in the room where they train. It’s an oven. Good proof of this is that the high temperatures that the Murcian community is suffering in recent weeks is taking its toll on the athletes, who exercise there.

for now, the Spanish Chess Championship, which was going to be held in the pavilion, has changed its location, for these reasons. It is unbearable, the heat that it is there and that caused Ilimane Diop to faint.

Palacio de los Deportes de Murcia, during a match last season CBA

These high temperatures in the enclosure are due to the fact that the air conditioning machine has been broken since before the summer and it does not manage to cool the enclosure as it should, causing tremendous heat and making sports practice in said facilities impracticable.

In fact, the Pozo and UCAM Murcia players already complained about this problem at the end of last season. Now it has been seen that it is still not solved and that it can become a serious setback. to get started the players who exercise there have had to lower their physical intensity so as not to put your health at risk.

Ilimane Diop, after signing for UCAM Murcia Murcia

And it is that Ilimane Diop, as revealed by the medical services of the university club, was not just dizziness, but dehydration, which ended with the Spanish-Senegalese center in the hospital. At least, everything was in a scare and the former Barça player has already returned to work this week with the rest of his teammates. yes, with one gear less. The heat prevents it from being fully used.


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