Rocío Carrasco does not stop giving us headlines. Every week a new chapter of “In the name of Rocio“, and every week gives a lot to talk about. This time, the daughter of Dew Sworn He wanted to talk about the terrible accident of the right-hander due to his problems with alcohol.

And it is that the ex-wife of Antonio David sHe continues to offer us clues as to the reason for his bad relationship with the entire family that is known, in this chapter, especially with his former stepfather and with the children that his mother had with him: Gloria Camila and Jose Fernando.

In 2011, Jose Ortega Cano took the life of Carlos Parra, a man who was driving down the street and whom the right-hander ran over for driving under the influence of alcohol. However, the bullfighter confessed that after the death of his wife, he had developed a problem with these substances, something that Rociíto was in charge of denying in chapter 12 of his documentary, confirming that his addiction problems already came from before. “It is true that they worsened with the death of my mother, but they already came from long before. He has that problem long before my mother gets sick. It is true that it increases when she dies. He is disoriented, he is in shock , but the problem is from before. And all of us who have been there day by day and have lived in that house know that what I am saying is true. ”

Rocío Carrasco collapses and makes a final decision with her daughter Rocío Flores

The next installment of the Montealto documentary promises strong emotions and important revelations about Rocío Carrasco’s life there. However, it seems that her intentions towards her daughter have changed to a more friendly attitude. At least that is what he has reflected in his statements in The Ana Rosa Program, where he has sat down to tell his story for the first time.

Since her documentary was released in which she made harsh accusations about the mistreatment of her ex-husband Antonio David Flores, as well as the suffering she has experienced in the relationship with her daughter Rocío Flores, she has not sat in the morning space of Telecinco. Rocío Carrasco has been blunt when talking about her daughter: “Let’s put her aside.”

A key phrase that must be put into context, since it is the program in which Rocío Flores has grown as a person and also as a collaborator within the Mediaset ecosystem.


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