“In the skin, soul and heart”

Cristiano Ronaldo is not having an easy summer. They are many the teams that have rejected incorporate the Portuguese into their ranks. He is determined to leave the Man Utd, but can’t find a way out. In the middle of this, Georgina Rodriguez has decided to show him his unconditional support.

The Spanish model has tattooed the soccer player’s initial along with a heart and his letter to symbolize the union of love that is processed. “In the skin, soul and heart”He said Georgina in his Instagram post.

A photo that not only has not gone unnoticed because of the tattoo but because of everything that surrounded it. Followers of the account have also highlighted the presence of jewelry on Georgina’s hand. “Ok, you have diamonds and jewelry” either “She is the most smug celebrity in the world”, were some of the comments on the post.

Cristiano, at his worst

Cristiano Ronaldo declared in rebellion in the summer and despite the fact that he has returned to United’s discipline, his start to the season has not been good. Have a Hag he prefers other starting players and in the last two the striker has jumped onto the field in the second half.

Something very little seen in recent seasons where he has been the undisputed starter for all the teams he has been through. Both he and his agent remain hopeful that in these last days of the market his future can be resolved and they can find a club that plays the Champions League as he wants.


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