Intermittent fasting, a good remedy for depression and anxiety?

Intermittent fasting is not a diet per se, because it does not involve varying the type of food or the number of calories we consume per day, but rather consists of set time frames between meals in which -in theory- you can eat anything. The objective of these fasting periods is to push the body to resort to the adipose tissues of our body when it is lacking in energy… so we can lose weight.

Some experts propose restricting caloric intake using a fasting period | dreamstime

Many experts argue that intermittent fasting also improves circadian rhythms, which are responsible for regulating different physiological and mental states such as sleep or hunger. In addition, it reduces abdominal fat and regulates the digestion process, by giving our digestive system breaks. This is going to be important at the hormonal level, since it will improve the secretion of some important hormones for a adequate performance physical, such as growth hormone or cortisol.


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