Irene Montero and Pablo Iglesias, accomplices and very smiling at the wedding of James Rhodes

The pianist james rhodes He shared his wedding photos this Thursday. The musician married Micaela Breque in August 2021, and in May they celebrated with his friends. Now the couple has received the photos from the link and has shared some on Instagram.

In one of them, the groom is seen brandishing a knife and before him, the Minister of Equality and the former leader of Podemos, Irene Montero Y paul churches, sharing laughter and gesticulating.

In the images shared by Rhodes, who settled in Spain in 2017 and became known on social networks for his support of leftist parties, for which the Government granted Spanish nationality, also looks at Ada Colaumayor of Barcelona.

To the photo of Rhodes with the Iglesias-Montero couple, the minister responded with a “wonder”. The pianist said, “I’m sorry about the knife.” The actor Javier Cámara got into the conversation and said to the minister: “Madam, we had a good time and everything!”, to which Montero replied: “we must clearly repeat wedding”.

In another image Pablo Iglesias is seen dancing, and in another, the comedians and couple Andreu Buenafuente and Silvia April also giving it all on the dance floor.

But without a doubt, the most famous guest was the British actor benedict cumberbatchfriend of James Rhodes since his years at the exclusive college in Harrow, who acted as a witness.


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