Irene Rosales recounts the health setback she has suffered on her vacation

  • Kiko Rivera’s wife has revealed the health problem she has experienced on vacation

  • Irene Rosales is spending a few days off with her family in Punta Cana

Irene Rosales is located in Punta Cana enjoying a few days of rest with your family in a resort that has a swimming pool, spa and all kinds of amenities. The former ‘GH Duo’ contestant has traveled there with her husband, Kiko Rivera; the two daughters they have together, Ana and Carlota; and Francisco, the child that the DJ had with Jessica Bueno. From this idyllic setting, the influencer has been sharing how her vacations have evolved, in which has suffered a health mishap of which he has also informed his Instagram followers.

“Today I’m plop, this changes of food, water and others affect my tummy and to everyone who comes. Today it was my turn”, wrote the former collaborator of ‘Viva la vida’ along with a video in which her husband could be seen giving him a foot massage. After announcing this information, Irene has shared a series of videos in which he has given more details about how he was, making it clear that it was nothing serious and that he considered that I was “super lazy” because of the drastic change in diet.

Irene Rosales talks about her health setbackInstagram

Isabel Pantoja’s daughter-in-law has also explained that she was resting to replenish her strength and that the children were in the playground that the hotel puts at their disposal so that they can entertain themselves and spend a few hours supervised by caregivers with whom the little ones “are happy and having a good time”.

One day after explaining to her followers the slump she had suffered and for which she had an upset stomach, Irene has shared another story in which she walks through one of the hotel areas, hides her gaze with large sunglasses and clarifies who was getting better and better with a short text: “Little by little I am feeling better”.


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