Is Maria Pombo pregnant? The ‘influencer’ explodes after the controversy generated as a result of her last photo

Tired of being constantly asked if you’re pregnant and every photo you share on social media triggering speculation, Mary Pombo has decided to bang on the table and settle the rumors about whether or not she is pregnant, making it clear that she is not pregnant and that It doesn’t do her any good to have to periodically deny that she is expecting her second child.

“I know that comments like “that little face is pregnant” or “oh that tummy” are usually made with the best of intentions, but the question of ‘are you pregnant?’ in no case is positive”, the ‘influencer’ has exploded in her latest Instagram post, tired of being speculated about her possible pregnancy every time she publishes an image in a bikini.

“I, according to many people on social networks, have been pregnant for more than 1 year and the rumors tend to coincide every month when I have my period, I am more swollen and I look worse physically” he added, confessing that although in his case “reading those messages almost daily does not affect me”, things could be very different.


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