It is more expensive to maintain an electric car, but the ‘fault’ lies with the workshops

Did you think he maintenance of an electric car was cheaper than that of a gasoline or diesel car, right? Well, from We Predict, by JD Power, they have come to debunk the myth and also, more importantly, find the culprit that the situation is like this. They confirm that it is an undeniable reality that electric cars, as a general rule, spend less time in the workshop because they have fewer components to wear out. Nevertheless, its maintenance is more expensive according to the analysis they have made of 19 million cars between 2016 and 2021.

The data offered by the consultant is devastating: it is 2.3 times more expensive the maintenance of an electric car than that of a vehicle with a thermal engine after only three months put into circulation. And although things change after the first year, even after the first 12 months an electric car still has a maintenance 1.6 times more expensive. Why is it so? One of the reasons is that electric vehicles have to pass more than twice the time in diagnosis when a fault occurs. And furthermore, once the diagnosis is made and the source of the problem is identified, electric cars need 1.5 times longer to repair of the fault in question.

The problem is with the workshops and things will change, but the maintenance of an electric car is more expensive

This situation, in which the maintenance of an electric car is more expensive than that of a car with a thermal engine, it is an abnormal situation. As they explain, at the moment there is a clear lack of specialization and a great lack of workshops specialized in electric cars. For the simple reason of the rate of adoption of the electric vehicle, most mechanics still have a lot of ignorance about the electric vehicle, that is why the times of diagnosis and repair they are still much longer for this type of car. However, it is also true that electric cars pose some own difficulties versus thermals.

The most common is that electric cars have problems related to all the wiring system and with the technology of Battery charge. And although the maintenance costs are higher, are not passed on to the client in the vast majority of cases because they are issues that are covered by warranty. For this reason, users of electric vehicles have the feeling that maintenance costs are lower in their cars. In reality, the cost is being higher, but they are not being affected by this anomalous situation.

electric car workshop

Although it is true that an electric car has fewer wearing partsalso the fact that they still do not enjoy the same popularity makes some of its pieces still remain much more expensive than those of a gasoline car. There are components with a lot of technology, but above all components with a lower volume of demand. As the adoption of electric cars grows, component prices They will also be progressively reduced.

So right now it’s essential that workshops continue to specialize and make your own transition to the electric vehicle. Specialized labor is needed for this type of vehicle, but also new machinery for things like diagnosing a battery or charging system, and battery mounting and removal systems, for example. And that the price of the components be reduced as the demand for these vehicles grows.

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