“It was a failure”, they said from the orchestra

Placido Domingo does not lift head His alleged involvement in a plot of sexual exploitation, which is added to the accusations of harassment, does not find a truce in the professional field either. the orchestra of the Verona Arena protested the tenor’s “terrible” performance during the two shows he did on August 25 and 26 at the Italian theater. “It was a failure,” they declared at the end of his performance.

According to the Italian newspaper run from the veneto, the tenor forgot the lyrics while interpreting Macbeth Y lost his voice on several occasions. “The two evenings dedicated to Plácido Domingo turned out to be “a total debacle”, according to the newspaper. On the first day (Verdi Opera Night) left the final scene justifying “a sudden lowering of the voice”, while in the second (Turandot) the artist did not respect the score of Puccini’s work.

The same media outlet cites a statement that the Verona Communication Workers Union (SLC) sent on August 29 to the Verona Arena Foundation in which it was explained that the outcome of the proceedings had been foreseen given the “embarrassing rehearsals”for what had been denounced by the choristers themselves, orchestra teachers and stage technicians who indicated that Domingo “he didn’t live up to his fame and of the task entrusted to him by the Arena”.

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According to the statement, the result of the two evenings “was bad and only the professionalism of the artistic and technical workers of the Arena Foundation allowed the event not to become a gigantic failure”. For this reason, at the end of the performance the orchestra refused to stand up before the usual signal of the director who He invited them to stand up and applaud.

Likewise, in the letter the union representatives they have requested that the name of the Madrid artist be removed from next year’s poster in light of the “scandals” starring the tenor. “We hope that the artistic direction will rethink the organization of the Gala Sunday 2023. In our opinion it would be appropriate to cancel it”, they have demanded.


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