Italy negotiates the sale of ITA with Delta, Air France-KLM and Certares in alliance

air France-KLM contemplates the possibility of entering the capital of the Italian airline ITA with a medium-term “minority” stakealthough initially it will not be a shareholder if the Transalpine Government concludes an agreement with the consortium of which it forms part together with Certares and Delta Air Lines. In a statement published this Wednesday, the Franco-Dutch group welcomed the fact that the Italian Government had chosen the three consortium partners for an exclusive negotiation with a view to a potential acquisition of part of the capital now in the hands of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

If this operation were carried out, Air France-KLM specified that would become a business and operating partner of ITA in the consortium led by Certares as a financial partner, but for the time being it would not invest in the Italian airline. However, he pointed out that “it could contemplate in the medium term entering with a minority stake in ITA”.

A hypothesis that had not raised publicly until now. The Franco-Dutch group recalled that it has a long relationship with the current ITA and with Alitalia, from which it was established after entering the liquidation process, and emphasized that it wants strengthen these ties with the US company Delta based on the SkyTeam business alliance of which both are part as founding partners.

He also stressed that together with Certares they would provide “important commercial opportunities” to ITA, in particular thanks to its strong presence in the North Atlantic flight market and to the possibility of establishing an exclusive partnership in its loyalty programs. The Italian Government announced this Wednesday that it opens exclusive negotiations with Certares and with the airlines Air France-KLM and Deltawhich means leaving aside the offer of the shipping group MSC and the German Lufthansa for the sale of ITA, born from the bankruptcy of Alitalia.


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