“It’s been a lousy time”

Lars von Trier has granted in venice festival his first press conference after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

Although, due to his illness, the Danish director has not been able to travel to the Italian city, he did hold a meeting by videoconference in which he spoke about how his health problems affected the filming of exodus (the third season of his series The kingdom) and has expressed his desire to continue working.

“I think I’m doing fine, but fighting the tremors will take some time,” von Trier said. “I feel good, but a little more stupid than before. And that’s saying a lot,” he joked.

Von Trier took advantage of his speech to apologize to Ida Engvoll, with whom he has worked in Exodus. “I was a little embarrassed about her part because it wasn’t good enough for her: I hope we can work again with better material.”

Engvoll, who was present at the meeting, assured that he liked his role and that he wanted to return to the set with Von Trier, reports ScreenDaily.

The director also noted that his Parkinson’s symptoms appeared before filming began. Exodus. “I didn’t know that I was already sick when we started shooting. I had a disgusting time, but I hope the actors didn’t realize it,” he recalled, later adding: “I’m very happy with the support that the actors have given me.”

exodus is the conclusion of The kingdom, the surreal horror series that Von Trier premiered in Denmark in 1994, and whose original run was two seasons. The new episodes are presented in Venice out of competition.

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