Jack Gleeson, Joffrey in ‘Game of Thrones’, celebrates his humble wedding and surprises with his appearance, far removed from how he was shown in ‘Game of Thrones’

Joffrey Baratheon of Game of Throneshas become one of the most hated characters of the audiovisual scene worldwide, due to its unique character.

jack gleesonactor who plays the peculiar character, moved away from the media spotlight precisely because of everything the excessive hatred he received on social networks.

The interpreter, who originally Studied for a degree in Theology and Philosophy at Trinity College Dublin, he even confessed that he felt uncomfortable with the world of fame. That is why he decided to create his own theater company and get away from the cameras.

Despite his “media isolation”, their marriage bond has jumped to the media, partly due to the publication of snapshots of it in Twitter.

The wedding had a character sober and humble in which he reaffirmed his love with actress Róisín O’Mahony: “A very simple, prayerful and dignified marriage ceremony for movie celebrity Jason Gleeson and Roisín: Church of the Glen.”

The priest who officiated the ceremony had some nice words with the actor: “Everyone here knows Jack and that shows that they are part of the whole community. When I met him, it was as if we had known each other all our lives, he is that kind of person. There is nothing artificial.”


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