James offers to sign for VCF, but his departure is complicated

time is running out for James Rodriguez. The Colombian soccer player wants to leave Al-Rayyan in Qatar and is rushing his options in the market to look for a European project. From the looks of it, his team is not in the business of facilitating his departure. He insists that he wants the freedom letter, although Al-Rayyan’s version is firm: they are looking for a transfer worth around 4 million euros.

James doesn’t hide. He wants to return to Europe and is experiencing the last hours of the market with uncertainty. In this context, he has granted an interview to The beach bar in which Edu Aguirre asked him about the option of Valencia CF, a team with which he has been linked in recent hours, especially upon learning of Soler’s departure for PSG.

“Valencia CF wouldn’t be bad, but I don’t know anything. If it’s for now, I’d walk away. But if I walked away I would be late, with the market closed (laughs).” The Colombian’s face changes when he talks about the possibility of playing in Mestalla, although the reality is that he himself is aware that his departure from Al-Rayyan is complicated.

“It’s a great club, with a good fan basethey have signed Cavani and if they want someone to put passes to Cavani there I am“, he says. “But time is running out…” Edu Aguirre, seeing his disappointed face, has tried to send him encouragement: “Don’t worry, we’ve seen different things.”

The conversation goes further and Edu Aguirre, seeing the player’s interest, asks how far he would be willing to sign for Valencia CF. “Would you lower your salary to sign for Valencia CF,” he asks. “Yes”.


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