Juan del Val finds out where his 16-year-old son Pau is after leaving home

If they brag about something Juan del Val Y Nuria Roca It is from the family they have formed together. The presenter and the writer share content on their social networks, almost daily, together with their three great treasures: Juan, Pau and Olivia, 20, 16 and 11 years old, respectively. “When they tell me why I take my children out on social networks, I answer that because they are part of me. I don’t abuse them, but I don’t hide them either”, the Valencian explained the reason why they decided not to hide their offspring’s faces on social networks.

What are the children of Nuria Roca and Juan del Val like and what are they up to?

Precisely, thanks to the communicator’s Instagram account, we found out a few days ago that Pau, the middle son of the media couple, has temporarily left home Y has been installed thousands of kilometers, probably to attend the first year of Baccalaureate. “What I’m going to miss is that ‘mommy, can you make me some eggs with bacon?”, Roca was moved at her farewell, who consoles himself thinking “how much fun you’re going to have.”

Nuria and Juan, who sent their eldest son at the same age to South Dakota, a state located northwest of the central United States, have publicly stated that they want their children to “know different ways of looking at life”, have the best possible training and enjoy the best experiences, despite the fact that for this they must fly from the nest at such a young age. “My love, the year of your life begins. Take advantage, enjoy and ‘coneximent’ que diu la iaia (‘be careful’, says Granny)”, hopes that her mother will take advantage of this unique opportunity, since she preferred to keep where Pau will live in the coming months a secret.

A mystery that has been solved by the father of the creature this week, specifically the day the young man completed 16 laps around the sun. “It’s your first birthday apart and I miss you, you know that one of the things I like the most in the world is being with you,” Juan opened on the channel, which by the nickname he puts at the end of this text ‘San Francisco’s King’, we can guess that he has just temporarily moved to northern California, where he will strengthen his English, live unforgettable experiences and meet people who will be part of his life from now on. “Have fun. I love you”, shared a battery of photographs with him.


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