Kase.O and Copilot triumph at the Music Awards

It was known that they were going to be at the gala (in fact, they were collecting the award for Social Commitment) but it was a very emotional surprise that the gala of the Music Awards Aragonese will start with Ixo Rai! interpreting his song A country. And a whole declaration of intent that what was going to claiming in Alagón that night was Aragonese music. And, in it, two figures stood out above all, Kase.O (Direct and Group) and Copilot (Song for El amor y el mundo and Video clip), who were the winners of the night, winning two awards each.

Precisely Copiloto starred in one of the magical moments of the night with his performance with Erin Memento, an artist who received the award for Best Epé for Fire in the garden. And it is that performing at the gala was practically synonymous with getting an award as was the case with Delacueva, who played and also won the award in that category with his self-titled album.

Kase.O celebrates one of the awards with which it was recognized last night in Alagón. | BURBANO ANGEL

Bunburymeanwhile, absent from the gala as expected, once again won the award for best soloist, thus completing the circle of the night’s most important awards.

many accolades

But there were many more, for example, the one who received Tachenko for the production of The nightclubs, the one that won Rock & Blues as the best venue or the one for El Bosque Sonoro for its programming. Nuei also made the claim by taking over the sculpture to song in the native language with País perdiu.

“This is not a competition, it is not a sport, nor am I better than anyone, but it is nice that they give you an award,” said Javier Almazán when he received the award for best song. And that was precisely the spirit that reigned throughout the gala this Thursday since, as has become usual lately, the prizes were distributed a lot and highlighted the camaraderie between all the artists at the gala held by the Aragón Musical collective.

Vetusta Morla also had her Aragonese Music Award. | GOVERNMENT OF ARAGON

In addition to Vetusta Morla (global award for Aragonese music), more people close to Alagón wanted to highlight the role of this town in music. From Marcos Sanmartín from Arena Rock Producciones, a musician father, to Mariano Bazco, Carlos Higueras and Nuria Pequerul, from the program Radio A la fresco on Aragón Radio, who rthey widely exceeded their musical panorama ending with the delivery of the Special Category to Agitation to the Alagonese band Carcajada Records / Alternative Management. It was quite a surprise for Daniel Sancet and his team, who had supposedly come to present one of the trophies of the sculptor José Azul.

Although, without a doubt, the most emotional moment of the night was when tribute was paid to Ricardo Gabarre Junco, who was very grateful that the organization decided to reward his figure after a very long career. The gala was conducted by Irene Alquézar and Luis Cebrián who placed it in a humorous tone that was not abandoned throughout the night.

Up to 16 winners

  • Greatest projection: Mario Lafuente

  • Video clip: Your universe or controlled, from Copiloto by Ana Escario and Adela Moreno

  • DJ: Fokin Massive

  • Direct: Kase.O Jazz Magnetism

  • Programming: The Sound Forest

  • Venue: Rock&Blues

  • Song: Love and the world, by Copilot

  • Song in native language: Pais perdiu, from Nuei

  • Best Epé: Fire in the Garden, by Erin Memento (self-published)

  • Best Album: Delacueva, by Delacueva (self-released)

  • Cover: O Zaguer Chilo V, by various artists by Eva Cortés

  • Production: Afternoon Discos, by Tachenko (Limbo Starr) by Edu Baos

  • Soloist: Bunbury

  • Group: Kase.O Jazz Magnetis

  • Special to the trajectory: Ricardo Gabarre ‘Junco’

  • Special to agitation: Laughter Records / Alternative Management

  • Aragonese Global Music Award: Vetusta Morla

  • Itinerant award for social commitment: Ixo Rai!

The gala was conducted by Irene Alquézar and Luis Cebrián


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