Kiko Matamoros confesses and acknowledges his insecurities

Kiko Matamoros has decided to put itself in the hands of our Coach Cristina Soriato explain to him the reason for his short-tempered behavior in his last interventions in the program: “Not only did I realize, but that I was aware that I was in an almost limit situation for different circumstances. It is evident that my behavior was not the best.

Kiko Matamoros explains himself and puts himself in the hands of Cristina Soria

The collaborator finished leaving the set, after having a run-in with Carmen Alcayde and wanted to talk about this: “I understood it as something that affected me, something that I had to take seriously, something that was a joke for others. It caused me that pain and that rejection.” And he ended up apologizing to Adela live for her attitude towards her on that occasion, something he had already done in private.

Kiko Matamoros apologizes to Adela for his behavior

Contributor opens in channel

The collaborator clarifies that it is as a result of Survivors, it is the moment in which some insecurities have emerged in him and his physique: “I was surrounded by younger people, who physically respond differently and I felt really bad about that and I am especially affected by the jokes around that.”

Kiko Matamoros recognizes how he has felt in 'Survivors'

Kiko Matamoros recognizes how he has felt in ‘Survivors’

“I have felt powerless with myselfIn a way, I was disappointed. I had other expectations of how I could evolve in that sense and I have not been able to fulfill them, ”she opens up completely in the channel, seeing a Matamoros more sincere than ever.

He confesses that he has felt fragile before his allusions to his age

Matamoros, in front of Christina Soria, affirms that it causes her a lot of rejection and pain to have to face allusions to her age and what it has to do with her partner: “I have felt fragile”. He accepts her insecurities, but fights “for them all the time”.

The most sincere confessions of Kiko Matamoros with Cristina Soria

The most sincere confessions of Kiko Matamoros with Cristina Soria

In her conversation with the program coach, she asks for help from the program management: “I respect my age and the difference in age with my partnerwhich makes me lose control of my nerves”. He wants to build from this moment and put a lot of effort on his part. “more temperance and dialogue” with whoever has to have it: “There are situations that if it had been transmitted, we would have avoided some embarrassment,” he concludes.

Reveals how he is fighting his addictions

After this, Matamoros wanted to reveal where he is in his fight against addictions, with which he has also been very clear: “Additions are for life, everyone who has been an addict knows this. The fight against that I take well, I think it does not condition me at all”ensures and gives more details about this.

Kiko Matamoros reveals how he is fighting addictions

Kiko Matamoros reveals how he is fighting addictions


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