Kiko Rivera boasts of the complicity of Irene Rosales with her son in common with Jessica Bueno

Kiko Rivera has headed to Punta Cana to enjoy his vacation with his family. Thus, he has traveled there with his wife, Irene Rosales; the two daughters he has in common with her, Ana and Carlota; and Francisco, the child he had with Jessica Bueno. “With my loves,” Isabel Pantoja’s son wrote next to a photograph of her three children at the airport, making it clear that it was going to be a trip with the whole family. Now, he has wanted to show another moment of his vacation, in which has boasted of the complicity between Irene Rosales and Francisco.

In his Instagram stories, the DJ (of whom Nuria Marín reveals his ‘source of inspiration’ in the video that can be seen below) has shown that his wife is fully recovered after having been “super lazy” for a couple of days due to a stomach ache caused by the drastic change in their diet during the holidays. But Kiko has not shared this story in which the influencer poses on the shore of the beach to explain to her followers that she is already recovered, but to show off the good relationship that Irene has with her eldest son, and that is that it is Francisco who is in charge of doing that photo session.

Nuria Marín discovers the secret of Kiko Rivera

Kiko has been careful to hide, as he always does, the face of the child, who was born in November 2012 and whose parents have never wanted to expose him on social networks out of respect for his privacy. But the DJ makes it very clear that it is her “little man” doing a photo shoot for Irene Rosales; a moment that has made him very happy: “I’m dying of love”. The one who was a collaborator of ‘Viva la vida’ has shared the publication of her husband and has shown the good relationship that she has with Francisco by assuring that they had been taking photos of each other.

Kiko Rivera shows the good relationship that exists between his eldest son and his wife

Kiko Rivera shows the good relationship that exists between his eldest son and his wifeInstagram


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