Konami will unveil a new game from a much-loved franchise at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

Konami is, without a doubt, one of the most controversial names in the current video game industry. Being the owner of great brands, such as Silent Hill either metalgearher movements in recent years have led her to earn public animosity. Of course, that may change soon.

The Tokyo Game Show is in the middle of this September, and many Japanese companies are preparing their engines. Heavyweights like Capcom or SEGA will be there, and, although it is quite outside the video game scene, Konami has announced that will show your next project over there.

According to a statement (in Japanese) that can be read on the official website of the companythis next game will not only be an unexpected return to this side of entertainment, but it will have to do with one of Konami’s brands most loved around the world.

Obviously, this has put the spotlight on Metal Gear Solid, even though Kojima no longer works there; and Silent Hill, the horror saga that was being talked about a few months ago and that could make a triumphant return from the creators of Layers of Fear and The Medium.

To lower the hype is the portal Video Game Chroniclewhose sources point to something Much smaller, leaving the return of these great franchises for later. Of course, since none of this is confirmed, for now we will have to wait until two weeks to see the official announcement. What do you think it will be?

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