Larsen, the nine that completes the remodeling plan

Strand Larsen, with the Norwegian team.

Jorgen Strand Larsen is the new chosen one to complete the staff remodeling plan. The Dutch press already considers the transfer of the young Norwegian striker from Groningen to Celta closed. Although the figures have not been disclosed, its price will exceed the 10 million that Celta offered a few days ago and that were rejected. De Telegraaf speaks of 11 million. Before, the Groningen board had already ruled out other proposals from Middlesbrough and Bologna. Larsen’s arrival in Vigo is announced as imminent. So this 22-year-old striker will break Groningen’s record sale, held by Marcus Berg for 9.8 million to Hamburg, and will also be one of the most expensive acquisitions in Celta’s history. Groningen, who preferred to keep him for at least one more season, have finally agreed to open the door for him after Larsen had not attended the last training session; according to his agent, Tore Pedersen, emotionally affected by the club’s position. Pedersen and Larsen are currently traveling to Vigo to conclude the operation.

The last hours of the sky-blue market will focus on the possible departure of Denis Su├írez and if such an option would open the door to some last arrival operation, of an offensive midfielder, which does not seem likely. As for Larsen, he obeys the profile of commitment to an emerging talent that is typical of Luis Campos. And that at the same time does not correspond to Coudet’s taste for more established players, which supposes from the outset the main unknown about his quick fit into the game scheme.


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