Last minute: This is the ‘Mata case’

With the arrivals of Bryan Gil and Ilaix Moriba upon falling and the departures of Maxi Gómez, Uros Racic and Carlos Soler One step away from becoming official Valencia CF’s objective to close the market is to repatriate Juan Mata as a free agent. Nevertheless Mata does not have any proposal from Valencia right now, nor has anyone from Meriton contacted him. Days ago Corona called Mata to inquire about her situation, but since then she has not received any news.

At 34 years old, the midfielder from Burgos, who is one of the players most loved by Mestalla in the last two decades, would be willing to a ‘Last dance’ dressed in black and white and would provide all the facilities possible for the operation to go ahead. However, no one from Meriton has contacted him.

Mata may not sign with any team today, since as a free agent she can do so after the market deadline. The Burgos has rejected offers England, Germany and France. The last proposal that has come to Burgos has been this Thursday morning from England. Powerful proposals have also come from Turkey.

The player is not in a hurry to decide and choose the project that most motivates him, which is why the door to exotic leagues is still closed, with a view to continuing at the highest level. As for Spain, Betis has been interested in Mata. The Verdiblanco club still has to resolve the problems with the salary cap and has asked the player for time.

For his high level of football and also its human qualityValencianism has always been supporting Juan Mata, both when he wore the black and white elastic and in his later stage, in which the signs of affection have been mutual. In fact, Mata has thanked the affection of Valencianism that has been seen on social networks in the last few hours.


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