Laughing gas: New York bans the sale of whipped cream to those under 21 to prevent them from taking drugs

New York has banned the sale of whipped cream cans to those under the age of 21. / CE

The teenagers were using nitrogen oxide, known as ‘laughing gas’, contained in the vials as a narcotic.

Patricia Carcedo

New York has banned the sale of
whipped cream cans a
under 21 years old in order to prevent teenagers from using it as a drug by inhaling the nitrogen oxide (known as laughing gas) contained in the vials. The law was approved last year, but has entered into force this week, as published by the local press.

To ensure that this measure is complied with, the regulations will penalize sellers who skip it with fines of 250 dollars or 500 if it is a repeat offender. Therefore, from now on, as is done with other substances such as alcohol or tobacco, those who want to buy whipped cream in New York must show a valid identity document to prove that they are over 21 years old.

What is nitrogen oxide

Nitrogen oxide, also known as
laughing gas, is used to preserve the consistency of cream and its use is perfectly legal. However, this substance can be extracted separately and provides a feeling of euphoria for just a few minutes.

On a medical level, its anesthetic effects have been known for decades, which makes it also common in dentists’ offices or in small outpatient interventions.

Nitrous oxide affects everyone differently, depending on the amount inhaled, the user’s weight and health status, tolerance level, and interaction with other substances or medications.

The immediate effects of laughing gas:

  • Feeling of euphoria, uncontrolled laughter.

  • Body numbness.

  • Sensation of sedation.

  • Blood pressure drops and slight dizziness occurs.

  • Dissociation of the body, as if you were flying, incoordination and numbness.

  • Loss of temporal orientation, end up not knowing how much time has passed.

If he
nitrogen oxides It is used recurrently, causes low blood pressure, fainting, memory loss, sudden drop in blood pressure, myocardial infarction, hypoxia (lack of oxygen), visual hallucinations and even psychosis. Democratic Senator from New York, Joseph Addabbo, promoted the law after verifying the widespread irregular use of these bottles by adolescents.

SpainAt least a decade ago, when it began to become fashionable, it was the nightlife establishments themselves that marketed it. Now
is persecuted if fraudulent use is detected in drinking establishments or bars, since it is a crime for public health. Last year it began to be spread in bottles, coinciding with the flexibility of the restrictions due to the pandemic.


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