Laura Matamoros shows the result of her breast operation

  • The winner of ‘GH VIP 4’ is delighted with the result of her breast operation

  • The daughter of Kiko Matamoros has shown her new prosthetics with a photo in a bra

Laura Matamoros she is very excited. The one that was the winner of the fourth edition of ‘VIP Big Brother‘ has taught the result of your breast operation with a photo in a bra in front of the mirror. An image of the most anticipated that the daughter of Kiko Matamoros has shared on her official Instagram profile, where she has also explained in great detail how her postoperative period is evolving.

It is the best decision he could have made, says the niece of Mar Flores, who surprised his followers a few days ago going through the operating room to undergo cosmetic surgery. It was a chest operation for change the shape, size and projection his previous breast prostheseswith which I was already dissatisfied.

In addition, they were causing him some other health problem related to his back, as well as some insecurity when it came to dressing and putting on according to what clothes. “She couldn’t take it anymore”, the young woman assured, that she couldn’t wait to be able to show off your new neckline.

Laura Matamoros shows her new breast with a photo in a bra

Now, the daughter of the collaborator of ‘Sálvame’ has made her followers of the social networks participate in the most exciting moment of the whole process: seeing the outcome of the intervention. Although at the moment the stitches have not been removedthe sister of Diego Matamoros have already been able to see how she is holding her new breast.

“Am very happy with the result. The truth is that everything is going great and we are doing very well in terms of how she is healing, how she is responding and how she is staying with me, “the young woman acknowledged with a huge smile drawn on her face.

Laura Matamoros poses in a bra to show her new breast

Although the area is still somewhat inflamed – because the operation is still recent, only nine days have passed – Laura Matamoros has been encouraged to publicly show the result with a photo in bra in front of the mirror. What you are most excited about daughter of Kiko Matamoros is how much has changed and improved the appearance of your breastswhich was the main objective of this surgery.

“As to projection of the prosthesisit is already noticing and I love it. The size is also very noticeable and that I’m still quite swollen, as is normal”, explained the mother of Matías and Benji, who a size has been removed reducing the size of the prostheses and opting for a “more gathered appearance”, more in keeping with their complexion.

As a fundamental part of her recovery, Laura Matamoros is undergoing Indiba sessionsa painless radiofrequency treatment – which is the latest trend among influencers – and which is used to rejuvenate the skin and promote its regenerative capacity.

“We haven’t taken away the points yet, we’re going little by little, but in terms of mobility I’m much better. I’m very happy”, assured the winner of ‘GH VIP’, who hasn’t been slow to show the flattering result of her breast operation.


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