Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone end their relationship after four years | People

Leonardo Dicaprio (47 years old) and Camila Morrone (of 25) have broken up, as reported by the magazine People. The relationship between the actor and the model and actress came to light in 2018, when they were seen for the first time on an excursion in Aspen (Colorado, USA). He was and is one of the great stars of Hollywood and she, a young woman who had not yet monopolized the spotlight but had a great pedigree and a promising future: daughter of fellow models Lucila Polak and Máximo Morrone and stepdaughter of actor Al Pacino, the young had just made a great professional leap in 2016, after being the cover of the September issue of the magazine fashion from Turkey.

Since their romance became public, the paparazzi They followed DiCaprio’s umpteenth relationship with a young model with interest, in this case, 23 years his junior, although the couple always tried to maintain their privacy and keep the story discreet. Until 2020, after two years of dating, they did not sit together in a public act: they chose for their official presentation the gala of the Oscar of that yearin which the actor was nominated for Best Actor for his role in once upon a time in hollywoodfrom director Quentin Tarantino, but lost out to joker by Joaquin Phoenix.

In July 2019, a source close to the couple told the magazine People that DiCaprio and Morrone seemed “to be very serious” and that “Leo introduced him to his parents a long time ago.” In 2020, they spent the confinement together during the coronavirus pandemic. This summer, however, they have been photographed on vacation separately. She, along with her mother and he, along with her friends.

In December 2019, Morrone cgave an interview in the newspaper Los Angeles Times where he talked about the age difference with his partner: “There are many relationships in Hollywood, and in the history of the world, where people have large age differences (…). I just think anyone can date whoever he wants.” For his part, DiCaprio, much more jealous of his personal life, assured a few years ago in an interview with the magazine Time that his intention was to be as ambiguous as possible in order to never reveal his most private side. “I act as if I were an enigma, but the truth is that I do not want them to know who I am and what I think,” said the interpreter, who does not seem to bother him. the eternal golden bachelornever talks about his relationships and all the couples he has known have been models (in his long list there is only one actress, Blake Lively) and always much younger than him. None of them were over 25 years old when they dated him..

Although it is unknown who made the decision to put an end to the relationship, the breakup between DiCaprio and Morrone fuels a widely debated theory on the internet: this unwritten rule of the top of the 25 years of Leonardo DiCaprio’s couples. On Reddit, the largest content aggregator by network users, a graph was created that showed the age of Leonardo DiCaprio and the age of his partners during the time they were together. The infographic was created by the user @TrustLittleBrother within a subforum for data lovers called Dating Is Beautiful. Among the women shown in the graph is the supermodel Gisele Bündchen, with whom DiCaprio dated for five years, ending the relationship in 2005, when he was 31 and she was 25. His next relationship was with the Israeli model Bar Refaeli, with whom it was from 2005 to 2011, the year she turned 25.

DiCaprio then dated Blake Lively for five months in 2011, when the actress was 24 years old. Shortly after Lively, DiCaprio, then 38, dated model Erin Heatherton, 23, for 10 months in 2012. His next partner was fellow model Toni Garn, whom he dated for a year in 2013, when she I was 22 years old. After Garn, DiCaprio dated Kelly Rohrback, also a model, from 2015 to 2016, when they broke up, she was 25 years old. DiCaprio, then 43, then dated model Nina Agdal in 2016; they separated a year later, when the model turned 25 years old. And, after her, Camila Morrone. Although it is a mere coincidence, on the Internet the meme is already made by itself.

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