“Let’s try to get him to breathe on his own”

Intense days those who are living Lucia Villalon and Gonzalo Melero. to have become parents of their first child together it is, in the words of both, “the best thing that has happened to us in this life”. However, the problems caused by the fact that the baby was born with gastroschisis they have turned their debut in fatherhood into a “difficult, very intense and exhausting” experience.

The journalist had just found out that she was pregnant when her medical team warned them that the fetal abdominal wall was not closing correctly and that part of the intestines were forming “outside his little body”. This required an intervention at birth to correct this problem and surgically introduce them.

As announced last Monday, the first intervention had been a success. from the ICU from the Madrid hospital in La Paz, the newborn had to “fight” to adapt to an operation of this caliber while his parents, concerned about how he was progressing, tried to “give him a lot of strength and help” to “be at his best soon”.

Now, as he has told us in a new publication, it seems that little Diego is evolving favorably. After undergo a second operation in which they introduced the rest of the intestines, since it was not possible to do everything in the first one, the son of Lucía Villalón and Gonzalo Melero “you are fighting to make them work” and adapt to your body.

This is how they face this “difficult” premiere in paternity Lucía Villalón and Gonzalo Melero

A “very important” day for everyone in which, in addition to being able to hold him for the first time in his arms four days after giving birth, the new challenge that this “gladiator” faces is “trying to make him breathe on his own after all the hustle and bustle of these days”. With Villalón “absolutely exhausted” and Melero out of the hospital for some commitments, both are happy that their child is “absolutely perfect”.

By having “assumed” that his fatherly debut would be, at best, complicated, part of the emotional work was done. What’s more, having several months to prepare made them aware that these are “things that happen much more than we think.” “Creating life is not easy”, they learned with that. “Because many things happen in childbirth. Because there are millions of diseases that a person can have at birth. And we live in a world where this is not talked about, as if it were wrong to have a child with problems, as if there were to get it out of the way.”


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