Leyla is kidnapped from the mansion! Who could it have been?

In the last chapter of ‘Tierra Amarga’ we have seen how Bethul has interceded between Demir and Umit and he has offered the doctor to stay and live in his house. Züleyha and Demir have been in shock, but the young woman has decided that she would be more controlled in the house next to her, and thus they would not live with her. In addition, Ümit has forced them to sign a letter where they both affirm that they will recognize his son as a Yaman. What will Betül and Ümit be up to living together in the house next to the mansion?

Secondly, Demir and Zuleyha They have had an intimate encounter where they have finally been able to calm down. The couple is going through a rough patch where Ümit is the cause of all their problems. Both have had to face tense situations, however, it seems that they are more united than ever. Despite the adversities, the couple has reaffirmed their love and Züleyha trusts that everything bad will pass. I wish!

In the next chapter of ‘Tierra Amarga’ we will see a tragic situation for the Yaman family… Gülten going to see Leyla and realizes that the baby has been kidnapped. Can’t believe it! Fadik and the young woman panic… Someone has sneaked into the Yaman mansion and kidnapped her! How has no one noticed? Where have they taken her? There are many questions to be answered! when she finds out Zuleyha, lose your nerve… Who has kidnapped your daughter? Who do they suspect? Will they find her?

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