Look Ibarguren speaks for the first time about his son Rocco

We know them by their professions. To him, for being the creator and scriptwriter of such well-known fictions as ‘El Pueblo’ or ‘La que se avecina’. To her, for her renowned work as an actress, shining in the industry thanks to her iconic roles on the big and small screen. Both have always shielded their private life, no matter how much their paths crossed almost a decade ago, when they began a romantic relationship. However, the fact of being parents made Look Ibarguren and Alberto Caballero They will break this unwritten rule.

The producer and the actress have shared the most important milestones of the pregnancy and subsequent birth with their legion of followers. All, except the name selected for the little one, data that reached the media as a result of a slip of one of her colleagues. María Hervás, who works with Alberto in ‘El Pueblo’, one of her great productions for Mediaset Spain, innocently revealed that they had been “parents of a wonderful child called rocco”.

María Hervás reveals by mistake the name of the son of Miren Ibarguren and Alberto Caballero

Now, a little over a month after the creature turned his reality upside down, and after a summer that he defines as “complete”, Look, he has resumed his agenda and has reappeared at the premiere of ‘El Test’a comedy by Dani de la Orden in which he shares the bill with Blanca Suárez, Alberto Sanjuán, Carlos Santos and Antonio Resines, among others.

Despite being visibly uncomfortable with the questions that the reporters asked her about her private life, Miren kindly responded to the press that was covering the event, speaking for the first time about the newborn and about this new stage with our colleagues from Europa Press. The interpreter of ‘La que se avecina’ has acknowledged that she is “delighted” with motherhood and that she has been lucky with Rocco, whom she does not see as similar because “he is still very small”: “He is very nice, he makes it very easy for us. The truth is that we are delighted”.

A few days before the couple welcomed the child, Alberto Caballero explained in the magazine ¡HOLA! that he had always wanted to start his own family. “I am next to a wonderful person and I have a great reference, which is my parents. The logical thing is that everything goes well and we bring this world to a human being with everything in favor to have a happy existence“, recognized the director, who is immersed in the filming of the 13th season of ‘La que se avecina’, whose plots will take place in a new building and with additions that will give a lot to talk about.


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