Madrid registers an increase in dengue cases “all of them imported”


The general director of Public Health of the Community of Madrid, Elena Andradas, explained this Thursday that the region records an increase in dengue cases, all of them imported, with respect to the records of the previous two years due to the recovery of the mobility.

Specifically, 48 cases were recorded in the region until August 28, compared to the five registered in the previous year, according to the latest Epidemiological Week Bulletin.

“With the return of international mobility, dengue cases are being detected again in the Community of Madrid, but they are all imported. We update all the information week by week and we are not detecting a greater number of imported dengue cases compared to to the pre-pandemic but effectively compared to 2020 and 2021 we are diagnosing more”, explained Andradas.

During a press conference at the Ministry of Health, the general director of Public Health has indicated that “there is a proportion that is associated with Cuba but not exclusively”, but with “another series of countries where dengue is an endemic disease as in Central America or Indonesia”.

“It has to do with the existence of a climate that makes it easier for there to be a series of vectors that facilitate a specific mosquito that can transmit the virus through a puncture,” he specified.

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