make supermarket purchases from the app

Goal has introduced the first shopping experience within the messaging application WhatsApp, which already allows India to purchase products from a supermarket within the company’s plans to contribute to the digital transformation in the country. Goal has partnered with Indian e-commerce company JioMart to introduce the purchase through WhatsApp, as confirmed by the executive director, Mark Zuckerberg, in his profile of Facebook.

This alliance seeks to accelerate the digital transformation of India, and allows JioMart display a catalog with your products in the messaging ‘app’, from where users can select the product they want, the amount they want to receive, and see the price. The items are added to the chat with the merchant, and when the shopping list is complete, the payment is also made from the same place. With this shopping experience, the company hopes to “revolutionize the way we millions of businesses across India connect with their consumers”as pointed out in a statement on the official blog.

Will implement other new features

In parallel, the application has begun to roll out Communities, a feature that allows gather conversation groups in the same space that revolve around common themes and interests, which is now available in the latest version for beta testers of Android. This feature was first noticed in early October of last year, when XDA Developers found several references in the app’s code indicating that the communities would co-exist with the platform’s current chat groups.

It was not until April of this year when the company itself announced the Communities as a new section in the messaging application, which would allow have localized the most important messages of common social spaces, as well as disseminating the latest news. WABetaInfo has also recalled that, for the time being, the phone numbers of the members of the communities cannot be hidden, a function that the company is still working on and that this same portal warned a few days ago. This privacy feature is not included in this first version for beta testers of the application, but it is not ruled out that it will arrive later thanks for future updates.


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