Mario Casas will make his directorial debut this fall

        The actor Mario Casas will make his directorial debut. As announced in an interview for icon in exclusive, the project started during confinement. There was forged ‘My loneliness has wings’, written by him together with the screenwriter Deborah François, and that filming will begin in October in Barcelona.

        According to the actor himself, the story will follow some boys who spend their time stealing from jewelry stores until they have to flee to Madrid. In the story, Mario wanted to reflect the neighborhood life that he himself had during his childhood in Barcelona, ​​in areas such as Martorell or Esparraguera, places where he himself grew up. For this, he has looked for actors who give naturalness to the story, to give touches to the quinqui cinema, and as Casas himself acknowledges, he has films like ‘Barrio’, ‘7 vírgenes’ or ‘El odio’ as references.

        In addition to looking for information on gang members, Casas has been documented in graffiti artists. According to Casas, the protagonist expresses his world through graffiti, an art of which there are very few films. The world of graffiti will be the second protagonist of the story, according to the actor himself.

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        Casas’s career began in films such as ‘El camino de los ingleses’, directed by Antonio Banderas, which was later followed by ‘Fuga de cerebros’ and ‘Lies y gordas’, works that he combined with works on the small screen, such as ‘SMS. Without fear of dreaming’ or ‘Paco’s men’. However, her career took a turn when she premiered ‘Three meters above the sky’ in 2010. Then came the second part of it in 2012 with ‘I feel like you’ or ‘Group 7’ or ‘The witches of Zugarramurdi’. In these sixteen years of experience, Casas has been winning critical acclaim with each new work. With the film ‘You will not kill’ he won his first Goya Award.

        For his part, his brother Óscar, twelve years younger than Mario, has gradually forged his career. In fact, he has shared jobs with his brother Mario. Both in the movie ‘Fuga de cerebros’ and in the series ‘SMS’ and ‘El barco’ she played the same character as her brother when she was little. He has also worked on films such as ’53 Days of Winter’, ‘The Orphanage’ or the series ‘Red Eagle’. He once again coincided with his brother Mario in the Movistar series ‘Instinto’, which premiered in 2018. In 2019 he joined the cast of Paco Arango’s feature film ‘Los Rodríguez y el más tú’, and in 2020 he joined the cast of the second season of ‘Always a witch’ in NetflixIn September 2021 he was in another Netflix production, ‘Jaguar’, along with Blanca Suárez, Adrián Lastra and Francesc Garrido.

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