Marta Flinch asks for explanations from a live guest on ‘Everything is a lie’ for a curious reason

‘Everything is a lie’ In each of its deliveries, it usually deals with important topics that are current at all times and to talk about them they have the presence, either on set or telematically, of experts in the matter to be discussed, although they always give voice to all the parties involved in the matter.

In this Tuesday’s installment, the Cuatro format has addressed the problem of climate change and, while on Monday he dedicated part of the space time to talk about denial theories in relation to the subject, after the many criticisms received, he decided to tell with the intervention of experts in the field, among whom was one to whom the presenter wanted to ask for explanations for a curious reason.


Eloy Sanz, energy expert, agreed to give his point of view live on the Cuatro program on climate change through a video call and answered many of the questions that arise around the subjectincluding some on gas such as who supplies it, which countries export it or the pros and cons of other energy alternatives, the The presenter wanted to approach the guest to ask him for explanations about something that the expert had expressed through his social networks in reference to ‘Everything is a lie’.

You put a tweet in which you attacked this programand the truth is that we somewhat agree. It was because of the position of Fran Hervías in some way denying climate change, something that we refute from here, with the intervention of the scientist Juan Peña“, exposed Marta Flinch referring to a criticism that the expert had posted on Twitter on the way the show had dealt with climate change: “It is sad that climate change deniers continue to be given a voice. ‘Everything is a lie’ presents information recognizing that it is refuted and, even so, Fran Hervías gives opinions contrary to the scientific consensus“Eloy Sanz wrote on his Twitter account.

It is true that I have put it and here I am, you have not kicked me out. You presented information that questioned global warming and you said that it was false and that it had already been refuted, that is very well done, but then you gave voice to Fran Hervías, who denied everything, creating a very damaging debatebecause he was on the same level, as someone who gave a bar counter opinion, “explained the guest about the reason why he had decided to publish that tweet.


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