Marta Riumbau tells the truth about the degenerative disease of Diego Matamoros

  • Diego Matamoros suffers from a degenerative disease that causes severe back pain

  • The influencer has explained that during crises Kiko’s son cannot lead a normal life

Marta Rumbau She is the only one who knows how hard the recovery process is being from Diego Matamoras. The influencer, who lives with the son of Kiko Matamoros, has told the truth about degenerative disease of her boyfriend, who, since he was diagnosed spondylolisthesishas significantly reduced its activity on social networks.

They are not being easy months for the son of the collaborator of ‘Sálvame’ and it has not been, by far, his best summer. It was the month of March when Diego Matamoros had to be rescued by an ambulance collapsing at home and without any help until the arrival of the medical team.

crawling and “fighting the pain”, Laura Matamoros’s brother was able to pick up the phone and ask for help in what became a kind of torture for him, in his own words. “It’s because of a congenital and degenerative issue that I have, related to herniated discs and the spinal cord. My legs began to fail,” explained the influencer, who later shared publicly your diagnosis.

Diego Matamoros was hospitalized for a long period due to his illness

“I have an anterior vertebra and the spinal cord has been touched,” Estela Grande’s ex-husband pointed out. That is to say, her vertebral bone has slipped and ended up pinching her nerve, something that produces severe pain and, in his last crisis, the failure and malfunction of your legs.

The harsh reality of Diego Matamoros with his degenerative disease

Now it’s been Marta Rumbau which, through its official Instagram profile, has explained what the harsh reality of Diego Matamoros living with this disease degenerative Because, although Diego tries to put his best face on his social networks, with the aim of reassuring his legion of followers, the truth is that it is not being easy for him.

As explained by the influencer, the son of the collaborator of ‘Sálvame’ lives with pain. “At the moment, live with pain every daybut sometimes it’s too much stops you from doing things“, explained the young woman, who has become her main support these days when her illness is getting worse.

And it is that Riumbau does not stop in his effort to make his boy smile and be happy despite this delicate setback in his health that has had him somewhat weaker in recent months. So much so, that the it-girl has surprised her crush with a romantic detail with which he has managed to make Matamoros forget for a few moments about his illness and pain.

As shown on her official Instagram profile, Marta has gathered in a surprise box some things that Diego liked the most when he was little: from cards of some of your favorite Disney movies, through endless sweets and all kinds of chocolate buns. All of that, lovingly stored in a nice Mario Bros.

A lovely gesture that the young woman has wanted to share on her social networks to demonstrate how small things can make a difference. “I went to buy him his favorite dirty things and the things he liked as a child. Now he says he wants to make the sticker collection,” commented the young woman in a humorous tone and very proud of having managed to get her boy to escape at least for a few moments.

Marta Riumbau tells the truth about the degenerative disease of Diego Matamoros

The surprise with which Marta Riumbau livens up the days of Diego MatamorosINSTAGRAM

And it is that Marta Riumabu is experiencing in the first person how complicated it is for Diego Matamoros cope with his degenerative diseasewhich produces severe pain in the back that, during the most severe crises, prevent you from leading a normal life and force him to remain lying in bed and at rest.


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