‘MasterChef Celebrity 7’ launches a new promo with a culinary crime by Daniela Santiago – Video

RTVE has started preparing the stoves to bring back its flagship cooking show with Pepe Rodriguez, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera Y Jordi Cruz More as judges. ‘Master Chef Celebrityreaches La 1 with its seventh edition just around the corner. Although the specific release date has not yet been specified, the television network has assured that the format will be issued “very soon”. To accompany the promotion of the format, TVE has launched a video in which You can see some moments that will leave a mark during its broadcast.

In the promo you see Danielle Santiago presenting his dish as “donkey vomit”, to Xavier Deltel singing locomia and cheering everyone in the kitchen already Maria Zurita defending himself from the criticism of the judges. Likewise, we have seen Cruz expressing what his biggest goal is with the applicants so that they take note and follow their advice: “We like that you leave a mark, if possible a good one“.

Due to the small advance that the Corporation has issued, there is no doubt that the new edition of the program will leave epic moments. These are the contestants selected to don the apron and demonstrate their gastronomic skills: Norm Duval, Ruth Lawrence, Patricia Count, Lorraine CastellXavier Deltell, Edward Rose, Emmanuel Esparza, Manuel Baqueiro, Fernando Andina, Pepe Barroso Jr.Daniela Santiago, Maria Zurita, Maria Escote, Nico Abad and isabel junot.

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