Melisa Raouf becomes the first Miss to compete without makeup

The ‘Miss’ pageant It is one of the most long-lived and popular worldwide and has always been characterized, among other things, by the glamour, the dresses, the tiaras and above all by the perfect makeup of all the applicants.

However, this time one of the candidates for the English edition of the contest wanted to break the mold and cause a revolution by betting on natural beauty and get hold of the title without a single drop of makeup.


Melisa Raouf saw in the Miss pageant an opportunity to claim natural beauty and real, and his triumph has set a precedent in a contest that has been going on for more than 100 years, being a great benchmark for makeup and frivolityand has managed to revolutionize both the contest itself and the world of beauty, giving priority to naturalness.

The model has thus broken all the unwritten rules of the ‘Miss’ pageant and has managed to rise as the new ‘Miss England’ without applying even the slightest type of makeup.

Balm She has become the first woman to achieve this milestone and is already an ambassador of ‘real beauty’a type of beauty that until now had never been promoted by this type of event.

Raouf wanted to justify his decision and explained why he had wanted to do without makeup in the statutory speech made by each candidate and He stressed that he had made that choice because the goal of the contests is to appreciate natural beauty and not the ability of applicants to put on makeup..

Melisa Raouf is originally from South London and won a special round last week, getting a place among the 40 contestants who will compete in the final on October 17.

If she manages to win, she assures that she will also go without makeup to the ‘Miss World’ pageant hoping to “inspire the world”, and in statements to the BBC he confessed that “I wanted to show that we have a choice. We don’t have to wear makeup if we don’t want to.”.


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