Mercadona’s botox-effect spray that hydrates and tightens facial skin in a few minutes

If you’re looking for one smooth and hydrated skin but you do not want to invest large amounts of money in any treatment Mercadona has the solution for you. has put up for sale a immediate effect spray that will leave your faithful rejuvenated and bright.

The ‘Flash Spray tightens and hydrates’ has the ability to hydrate the face in the most affected areas, in addition to offer tension to the skin especially, in those areas where wrinkles are more present.

It is perfect to apply during the day and look a much younger and brighter face since it has a long lasting effect.

Flash spray hydrates and tightens Deliplus Mercadona

After its application your skin will also shine with greater firmness and less movement, keeping the complexion clean and with a smooth finish. In addition, its use is very simple since you only have to have a clean and completely dry face, and then apply small portions on the face and massage until you notice that the skin has absorbed the product completely.

You can find it in the Mercadona cosmetics section in a pack that contains 2 units and is sold at a price of €2.25.


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