Meta will close the Facebook Gaming app, goodbye to the service?

The battle in the world of video game streaming is interesting. Although Twitch is by far the leader, platforms like Facebook Gaming have started to gain popularity.

At least that is what the numbers signed by StreamElements indicate, which indicates that although the Amazon service is still at the forefront in streaming, its numbers have gone down, albeit very slightly, since from the 1.8 billion hours viewing in May, dropped to 1.7 billion during June.

Facebook Gaming has more views than Youtube Gaming while Twitch plummets

This is because Facebook Gaming has become more attractive, going from 350 million hours viewed in May to 425 million in June.

Given these figures, the decision made by Meta, Facebook’s parent company, which announced that it will stop supporting Facebook Gaming’s iOS and Android applications, is striking.

According to the company, the aforementioned applications will officially close as of October 28, the date on which said software will cease to operate on all devices.

Facebook has said that from now on users can download their content hosted in these apps, while hinting that a significant part of the applications’ functions will be moved to the main Facebook app.

Facebook Gaming is leaving?

Broadly speaking, the report specifies that much of the application’s functionality will be transferred to the main Facebook application.

In a statement taken up by various media, the company has said that the service as such will not disappear. Everything indicates that it is a platform change:

“We want to extend our sincerest thanks to all of you for all you have done to build a thriving community for gamers and fans since this app was first released. This was really a community led effort to bring new gaming features to Facebook. Despite this news, our mission to connect gamers, fans, and creators with the games they love hasn’t changed, and you’ll still be able to find your games, streamers, and groups when you visit Games on the Facebook app.”

The reasons behind the decision have not been disclosed. However, the move is striking if we consider the efforts invested by Facebook to enhance its gaming strategy, which included exclusive contracts with popular streamers and celebrities such as Neymar Jr.

The remarkable bet in the metaverse may be behind the closure of these apps, although for now nothing is confirmed and there is nothing left to do but wait to find out what Facebook has in hand.

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