Microsoft rules out increasing the price of Xbox Series models

Announced amid great commotion, the increase in the official prices of PlayStation 5 in Europe, Japan and other regions has not gone unnoticed among companies in the sector, such as, for example, its most direct competitor, which has publicly dismissed (and with great speed ), the application of similar measures. It seems that Sony has been left alone in its advance to increase the general market prices, at least as far as the near future is concerned.

Microsoft will keep prices

A Microsoft representative hastened to clarify that the North American company does not plan to increase the amount of Xbox Series X or Series S. It also confirms that it will maintain the same recommended prices for both versions of its console in all markets where it officially operates. “We constantly analyze the business to provide our fans with the best gaming picks. Our MSRP for Xbox Series S remains $299 (€300) and Xbox Series X is $499 (€500),” the company said in a statement.

Nintendo also does not intend to charge more for Switch

Microsoft’s note suggests that, although long-term readjustments are not ruled out, they should not be carried out in the near future. According to PlayStation, the increase in amounts is linked to the world economic scenario: “The current global economic environment is a challenge that we are undoubtedly facing around the world,” describes Sony. “Current high rates of global inflation, in addition to adverse currency trends, are hurting consumers and creating stress in many industries.”

However, prior to the announcement of the new retail prices for PlayStation 5, Nintendo had already made it public that it did not plan any adjustments to the suggested retail price for Switch. The company admits that its profit margin “has decreased”, but its executives fear that any increase could end up “blocking” access to its consumer segment. One of the ways found by the Japanese company to optimize its distribution processes will be to reduce the size of Switch boxes. By investing in 20% smaller packages, the company expects to move a greater number of units of the product in each transport, ensuring more effectiveness in its distribution channels.


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