Miguel Sapochnik leaves the HBO Max series and the coshowrunner will not be in season 2

He is perhaps one of the biggest names in the universe.’Game of Thrones‘ and he has said enough. Miguel Sapochnikdirector and co-showrunner of ‘the house of the dragonhas announced his departure from the series from HBO after season 1.

An important loss because it has been the one that has taken fiction forward, visually and tonally. Hard work over the past three years which, as they claim sources of THRhas left the director exhausted, who wanted to share a statement about it:

“Working on the Thrones universe the past few years has been an honor and a privilege, especially spending the last two with the amazing cast and crew of House of the Dragon. I am so proud of what we accomplished with Season 1 and overjoyed at the enthusiastic reaction from our viewers. It’s been incredibly hard to decide to move on, but I know it’s the right decision for me personally and professionally. As I do, I am comforted to learn that Alan is joining the series. He is someone I have known and respected for a long time and I believe this treasured series could not be in safer hands. I am so happy to remain a part of the HBO and House of the Dragon family and of course I wish Ryan and his team success and all the best with season 2 and beyond.”

Alan Taylor named new director of ‘House of the Dragon’

now it will be Ryan Countythe co-creator with George RR Martin, who stay as solo showrunner from ‘The House of the Dragon’. On the other hand, to replace Sapochnick in directing duties, the production has hired another veteran of the franchise: alan taylor.

Taylor was regular director for the first two seasons from ‘Game of Thrones’, but also from HBO series like ‘The Sopranos‘ (for which it won an Emmy). Her next job on the air will be the pilot for ‘interview with the vampire‘. For Sapochnik’s part, the director will continue to be related to HBO, with which he has a general contract to develop new series.

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