Mini Multitone Edition, an exclusive and diverse series

The Mini is a car as special as it is particular. Their extensive catalog of accessories and customization possibilities are part of its DNA which is now expanded with the special edition Multitone Edition.

In addition to the characteristic roof section, this series, available for 3 and 5 door versions plus the Clubmanexpand that multitone look so special outside and inside with many details.

This series is available in the bodies of 3 and 5 doors, in addition to the Clubman.

The Multitone Editions add an abstract white rainbow on the ceiling, which also appears in other parts of the bodywork. Both the 3 and 5 door version are available with the paint “Sage Green”while the Clubman is offered exclusively on the “Indian Summer Red” finish.

unique decoration

Thus, the central design feature of this series appears in the side skirtsas well as on the C-pillar with a PU adhesive. Also, the wheels have exclusive hubcaps in a two-tone color scheme. The wheels, either 17 or 18 inches, also have their own designs.

The dashboard is personalized with the rainbow in white.

The “Multitone” lettering, which gives the vehicle its name, along with the rainbow in complementary colors, characterize the design of the door sill trims and reappear as distinctive on the driver and passenger mats. The abstract rainbow runs across the dashboard and adorns the sun visors.

Lastly, stand out the leather steering wheel, with the emblem of the edition on the lower spoke, as well as the personalized key fob for the occasion.

The wheels, in 17 or 18 inches, have a specific design.


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