Miren Ibarguren makes breastfeeding visible on her return to work after giving birth

Look Ibarguren has returned to work after having spent almost two months withdrawn from the spotlight after giving birth a their first child, Rocco, fruit of his relationship with Alberto Caballero. The actress of ‘La que se avecina’ has told on her social networks that she has resumed her professional agenda with something new and that is that now she has to go accompanied by her breast pump.

This is how Miren Ibarguren and Alberto Caballero presented their first child together

“First day of work as a mamasita. Go to promote all milky [lechosa, en inglés]”, has written the one who was the protagonist of ‘Aída’ along with a series of images in which she appears prepared for the presentation of ‘El test’, a film by Dani de la Orden that co-stars with Carlos Santos, Alberto San Juan and Blanca Suárez; and in them is a photo in which poses using the breast pump while getting her makeup done and in another he shows this full apparatus, thus normalizing breastfeeding on her return to work after becoming a mother.

Many colleagues by profession, such as Loles León, Inma Cuesta, Dafne Fernández, Rossy de Palma or Pilar Castro, have reacted in the comments area to this publication by the actress who plays Yoli in ‘La que se avecina’, to the who have told her that she is “gorgeous” and “very sexy”. “Long live the breasts that give milk,” commented Itziar Castro, while Miren’s boyfriend, Albert Knighthas written a “Mamma mia”.

Miren Ibarguren makes breastfeeding visible

Miren Ibarguren makes breastfeeding visibleInstagram

In addition to making breastfeeding maternity visible on her social networks, the interpreter has spoken for the first time before the press about her experience with motherhood and her son, Rocco, whom she has said is “very nice” and that “I still don’t know looks like no one, because he is so small”. “He makes it very easy for us, we are delighted”the actress has assured in the promotion of ‘The test’ in statements to Europa Press, including her partner in that statement.

Look, he has also discovered by the reporter of this medium that The name of her little one had been revealed to the press by mistake in a photocall by the actress of ‘El pueblo’ María Hervásy has explained that she had not said it because the most important thing is “to protect the children”. About her experience with motherhood, she has declared: “I am very happy, motherhood is very happy. The post has its things, which must be talked about… But it is too long to tell.”


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