Miriam points to him as responsible for her situation

Last August 26, Save me broadcast some images where you could see Pipi Estrada having a hard confrontation with the one who was his partner, Miriam Sanchez. In the broadcast video, both raised their voices in the middle of the street, arguing about issues related to the daughter they share.

Pipi appears getting into his car while Miriam appears behind him, while shouting: “What will we do when Miriam is not here?”, referring to the daughter they both have in common. “That they put me in jail!” “She is not well, I am always here to help her“, commented the collaborator of Save me.

But Pipi’s reaction on set, where she did not hesitate to burst into tears, has not been taken seriously by many collaborators, nor by Miriam Sánchez herself who, after ten years without talking about Pipi, broke her silence on Tuesday afternoon through a phone call with the Telecinco program. All this, while the sports journalist is already competing in the new Mediaset reality show, Nightmare in El Paraíso, which began recording last Sunday.

“I’m so tired. I’ve been quiet for ten years, from all the shit that’s on him. I can’t talk anymore because I have a daughter with him. I’ve written diaries and diaries to vent about everything I’ve been through with him and everything I’ve put up with, there are times when you lose your sanity. Enough of liars!“, could be heard from Miriam’s own voice.

Some time later, the presenters, without prior notice, announced the live phone call with the former collaborator of Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa. “Yeither at that moment I was asking Pipi, before leaving for the reality show, please, leave the girl with me with a tutor and to sign a piece of paper for me, because Pipi is a compulsive liar”, assured Sánchez with a visibly angry tone.

An explanation that cut Maria Patino immediately, since the former collaborator had repeatedly alluded to a minor, even if it was her mother. “We are going to talk about adults,” said María Patiño while Sánchez resumed her speech. “Getting along with someone who continuously destroys me. He disappoints me, he annuls me as a person, when I was his partner and then“, Miriam continued. But seconds later, she returned to name her little girl, for this reason and without prior notice, the program directly hung up on Miriam.


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