Monkeypox continues to decline in Malaga

The monkeypox continues to decline in Malaga, although the province still remains at the head of cases at the Andalusian level. Thus, according to the latest data provided by the Ministry of Health, there are 66 active cases in the province as of August 29.

In total, in Andalusia there are 217 active cases of monkeypox in Andalusia. Last Friday, the date of the last Health report, active cases numbered 246. By provinces, Malaga is the one that has the most, and the rest are distributed in Almería (3); Cadiz (18); Cordoba (12); Granada (15), Huelva (17); Jaen (3) and Seville (83).

In addition, there are 72 under investigation and 472 discarded for monkeypox that have been declared to the Andalusian Epidemiological Surveillance System Network (SVEA). Likewise, 584 previously confirmed cases are already inactive.

Hans Henri P. Kluge, regional director of the Regional Office for Europe of the World Health Organization (WHO), has ensured that it can “end eliminating monkeypox” in Europe after “First signs of slowing outbreak”.

“It was in our region that the first cases of this outbreak, where we are seeing its first signs of slowing down and where we believe we can end up eliminating monkeypox if we commit to doing so. This political goal is a clear message to everyone about what we believe the ultimate goal is,” Kluge said in a statement.


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