Monkeypox in La Rioja: Vaccination against monkeypox begins in La Rioja in people at risk due to pre-exposure

So far, the community has confirmed five cases of people affected by Monkeypox, unrelated to each other and evolving favorably


The Government of La Rioja, through the General Directorate of Public Health of the Ministry of Health, starts this week the vaccination campaign against
monkey pox (Monkeypox) in order to reduce the risk of infection by this virus. The vaccine will thus be administered among the group with a high risk of contracting the disease due to high-risk sexual practices included in HIV PrEP programs or with HIV infection under follow-up in hospital consultations, following criteria established by the Ministry of Health.

Until now, Health had decided to prioritize immunization against monkeypox for those people who were
vulnerable close contacts of a confirmed case due to a shortage of doses, so two vaccines had been administered in the community. It must be remembered that the vaccine is indicated for people who, if they contract the disease, may have more complications: this is the case of children, pregnant people and immunosuppressed people. In the case of close contact with a positive person, a dose of vaccine is administered in the first 4 days after contact, although it can be offered up to 14 days.

Once the Ministry of Health has approved dividing each vial of monkeypox vaccine into five doses, La Rioja currently has 110 doses to carry out the immunization campaign among all risk groups.


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