More than 100 pharmacies in France will vaccinate against monkeypox

More and more French people want to be immunized against monkeypox. Without sufficient appointments at vaccination centers as a result of high demand, France has pharmacies as a strategic ally to streamline and enhance the supply of doses to its citizens. The pilot project, collected in this decree of August 9 published by the Government, began this August in five points located in various regions of the country: Fréjus, Marseille, Lille and two in Paris. Now that figure could reach 100 pharmacies throughout the country, according to the intention of Health.

Despite the more than 150 vaccination sites throughout the Gallic country, the Ministry of Health has resorted to pharmacies to reach more quickly the priority public to face the saturation caused by the high demand, the lack of means or the fear that doses would be lost due to the logistical conditions of the vaccine itself. Specifically, it must remain at -80ºC and can only be kept for fifteen days once thawed. Hospital pharmacies also participate in this project, where they play a notable role in the distribution itself.

“The comments show that patients are always satisfied,” commented Philippe Besset, president of the Federation of Pharmaceutical Unions of France (FSPF), in statements collected by the newspaper Le Quotidien Du Pharmacien. Now, after analyzing the initiative, the authorities have considered it successful enough to add more community pharmacies to this experience. In fact, the General Directorate of Health (DGS) has already informed professional unions and pharmaceutical organizations of this decision. Though they must first modify the decree that launched this experimental campaign and there must also be a salary agreement with the unionswho denounce that the salary offered is not in accordance with the means or the time spent by professionals, picks up the same Gallic media.

The expansion of this initiative will not be generalized to all pharmacies, but they must decide, according to the needs, in which establishments they will supply the doses. For this, criteria such as proximity to supply points, accessibility to the vulnerable population or the vaccination capacity of the staff will be taken into account. According to Besset himself, they will select about 100 pharmaceutical centers throughout the country, which means between five and ten pharmacies per region. It should be remembered that French pharmacies have already been vaccinating against the flu for years and have also enabled them to support the general population with vaccination against COVID-19.

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