MOVIA IKER CASILLAS | The new courtship of Iker Casillas passes through Oviedo

Summer is coming to an end (well, rather August, although what remains between now and September is mainly the transition to summer) and hitherto unnoticed breakups and courtships begin to surface and were forged under the sun’s rays, on the roof of a yacht, in the sand, under a towel or on the loungers of an exclusive beach club. Everything has been able to happen in this torrid Spanish summer and the gossip press is already making some progress.

“Hello” gives the exclusive of the love affairs of Iker Casillaswho courts with Maria Jose Camachowidow of francesc arnau, Barcelona exporter who died in Oviedo in May 2021. She is also a soccer player, has two children and is three years older than the former national team goalkeeper. Apparently they have been dating for three months and the Spanish coast has been the place where they have settled their relationship. as they do too Gerard Pique and Clara Chiaagain portrayed by the magazine in one of their many outings: they are the “couple of the moment”.

Not all hearts beat the same. It turns out that the judge Santiago Pedraz and Esther Dona they have broken A week ago “Hello” gave the exclusive of his engagement and future wedding. And now she tells that they have broken up. And apparently not in a friendly way, but in a “surprising and stormy” way. On the cover there is a wedding: that of the weather presenter flora gonzalez.

In “Readings” they bet everything on the Queen Letizia and its next 50 years. pillar eyre deals with portraying her and telling things that, they say, were not known until now. In addition, the younger brother of the Prat to say that he is not addicted as his family maintains. They have photographed Toni Moreno on the beach with her daughter Lola. Y Maite Galdeano he explains that his illness allows him to ask for euthanasia.

Jose Ortega Cano and Ana Maria Aldon star in the cover of “Semana” with the breakup of their marriage that is not such. And they’ve been like this all summer. Three more reviews: for flora gonzalez and your wedding, for Christian Galvez and Patricia Pardo getaway to Eurodiney and to Rociito Carrasco and his reunion with Maria Theresa Fields.

The veteran presenter also jumps to the cover of “Ten Minutes”, where they say that she has led to reconciliation between her granddaughter Alejandra Rubio and Kiko Hernandez. Ana María Aldón also appears here, saying that she neither eats nor sleeps with Ortega Cano. The ex-husband of Miguel Bose, Nacho Palau, explains that he is ill and how he deals with his treatment. The model Eva González rushes through the summer in the South, with a refreshing swim on the beaches of Cadiz.


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