MTV censors part of Maneskin’s performance after the bassist’s chest is exposed

censorship of female breasts It didn’t start with Rigoberta Bandini’s scream but it didn’t end there either. This time it has been the Italian band Maneskin, winner of Eurovision 2021, who has been a victim of this type of censorship. Last Sunday, the celebration of the MTV awards caused a stir by censoring part of Maneskin group performance because of their bass player’s chest that was shown during an oversight.

the mtv awards were attended by great international artists like Taylor Swift, Rosalía or Maneskin. Fans and viewers have generated numerous negative comments about MTV’s censorship of part of the Italian group’s performance. All caused by an oversight: to the bassist, Victoria, her sleeve was lowered and she ended up showing a breast in full action.

The bassist, who wore an asymmetrical ‘body’, wore a nipple shield on her left breast, while the right was covered by clothing. This played a trick on her when, due to the euphoria of the moment, she lowered herself in full performance, exposing her right nipple.

What has been the response from the fans?

Due to the unfortunate incident, MTV has censored part of the performance, a fact that has caused a stir among the fans. These have ensured through the social network Twitter that female nipples are censored but male ones can be shown. Some even brand as irony some images where you can see the male breasts of the singer uncovered (he performed without a shirt) and the female bass player censored.

The live performance caused carelessness to be appreciated for a few moments. Moments later there were continuous plane changes in order to avoid showing the bare chest of Vic, the bass player. After the incident and only when the bassist’s garment was replaced, the cameras returned to show the performance. many viewers complain about censorship and that there were several moments in which, despite the Italian group singing on stage, the cameras did not focus on anyone, only the public.

In the MTV video uploaded to YouTube, it can be seen with great distinction that, after the first minute of the performancethere are several moments where the cameras go to general shots of the stage and the public without apparent meaning, as well as changes between a close-up of the vocalist and general shots that do not continue with the temporal and visual line of said performance.

After having completely censored this oversight on Youtubesome think that this decision to censor the bassist’s nipple is for the fact of being a womanr. These accusations come as a result of the fact that not only did the singer perform without a shirt, but he also wore pants that exposed their buttockswho were shown on the recording.

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