Multitone Edition, the version of Mini in which each car is different

Mini is one of the brands that puts more effort into offering its customers multiple possibilities of personalization. Their models lend themselves to this, since they have quite a few parts that can be customized, such as the tires, trim or ceiling. For him, the brand has developed a new painting technique called multitone, which he has now applied to develop a new special series with the same name.

Available for models of three and five doorsas well as for the Clubmen, all of them share common design elements, although they also have specific features.

The central point is the ceiling, which, thanks to the aforementioned technique, presents a weathered finish. Thus, three colors are diluted with each other: Aspen White at the front, Melting Silver II in the central section and Jet Black at the rear.

Each Mini is a unique car

The different shades are applied directly one after the other, without waiting for them to dry, which means that each car mixes slightly differently, which Mini point out what makes each copy is a unique model.

Above the gradient appears a white rainbow, something that “represents diversity, as well as a positive attitude”, according to the brand itself. This motif is also replicated in two other places: in the molding of the turn signals behind the front wheel arches and on the metal threshold of the doors, both front and rear.

In the case of the three and five-door Mini, this decoration is exclusively combined with the body color sage greenwhile in the case of the Clubman the only option available is the Indian Summer Red. In addition, depending on the model, they fit 17 or 18-inch wheels with different designs.

Inside, the rainbow is once again present both in the dashboard as in parasols. The leather steering wheel has the edition logo at the bottom and the car key is personalized.

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