Murcia will invest 1.2 million euros to change the air conditioning of the Palacio de los Deportes

The air conditioning of the Palacio de los Deportes de Murcia had been malfunctioning for several months until it finally broke down last Friday, causing serious discomfort among the top-level athletes who start the preseason here (and those who finished the previous season). The high temperatures that have been recorded in this facility caused a UCAM Murcia CB player, Ilimane Diop, to suffer a heat stroke last Friday in training last Friday. The player fainted after suffering dehydration and had to be hospitalized. After a night in the health center he was released.

According to sources from the municipal sports service, during these days extraordinary maintenance operations are being carried out that consist of repairing the compressor, to return to the previous situation that existed before this breakdown. These works consist, among others, of cleaning the interiors of condensers using acid, placing a series of automatic resets and tracking possible leaks. “The duration of these works is estimated at two or three weeks,” they point out from the City Council.

The popular councilor, Felipe Coello, today visited the Palacio de los Deportes IT

On the other hand, from the Department of Sports they have announced that the technical project to replace the current air conditioning machinery of the Palace has already been drafted. A project whose budget is around 1.2 million euros and which will shortly be in the public contracting phase. “We are going to put an end to a problem that has been increasing in recent years and that the previous political leaders of the Department did not address. Work has been done on the drafting of a project for the complete replacement of the current machinery, with the idea that the Palacio de los Deportes has a completely renovated facility according to the needs it requires”, indicated the Councilor for Culture, Tourism and Sports, Pedro García Rex.

A nonsense, according to the PP

The Popular Group blames this situation on the Government of the PSOE and Ciudadanos in Murcia for its “poor control and lack of involvement.” “It is a real nonsense that even knowing that the temperatures in Murcia are extremely high on these dates, they have allowed the air conditioning to continue in these conditions since last week for not carrying out the proper checks and repairs”, the councilor denounced this Thursday. of the PP in Murcia, Felipe Coello. The popular councilor recalls that there is a significant amount of money allocated in the different annual budget items for the change of the Palace’s cooling towers, “but that has not yet been executed for reasons that do not seem logical at all”.

In addition, from the PP he maintains that the slowness in repairing the air conditioning has caused the Spanish Chess Championship, which began this week, to have had to change its location, with the José María Cagigal Pavilion being chosen for the championship. . “Another facility, which by the way, also does not have air conditioning“, indicates the mayor. “This is one more example of the disastrous management of the left-wing coalition government that leaves its athletes abandoned, for which the PP demands that the socialists optimally and adequately maintain the sports facilities of the municipality of Murcia”, he concluded.


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