Musk firm on canceling Twitter purchase

Elon Musk’s lawyers wrote to Twitter on Monday to notify again the cancellation of the social network’s purchase agreement, this time using the complaints made known last week by a former executive of the company, according to a letter made public this Tuesday.

Musk initially announced that he considered the operation dead on July 8, but Twitter rejected his arguments and sued him to force him to comply with the agreement and pay 44 billion dollars for his business.

Now, the billionaire considers that the information revealed by Peiter Zatko, who until last January was Twitter’s cybersecurity chief, suppose additional reasons why he can break the agreement.

Zatko, also known by the nickname ‘Mudge’, has transferred a report to the US authorities in which he assures that Twitter has serious cybersecurity problems, that it has lied about them to the regulators and that it has neither the capacity nor the interest to determine the number of fake accounts on your platform.

In the letter sent yesterday and made public this Tuesday in a notification to the stock market regulator, Musk’s team points out that Twitter was aware of the facts denounced by its former security chief, but did not communicate them when the sale was negotiated and believes that this violates the terms agreed.

Musk presents this letter as an “additional notification” of cancellation to be used in the event that the Justice determines that the first, which was sent on July 8, is not valid.

The two parties will go to trial next October in a specialized court in the state of Delaware.

Musk’s lawyers have already summoned Zatko to testify and have requested documents and communications from him in the framework of that process.

Peter Zatko.

A priori, the former executive’s complaints about the false accounts on the platform may be the ones that most interest the businessman, who accuses Twitter of lying about his number and who has used that argument to justify breaking the acquisition agreement.

Zatko, who was fired last January, has provided information to the US Congress about alleged irregularities committed by Twitter and important internal problems at a particularly difficult time for the company.

In response to these accusations, Twitter assured that they are part of a “false narrative” against the company and that they are riddled with “inconsistencies and inaccuracies.”

“Mr. Zatko’s accusations and opportunistic timing appear to be designed to capture attention and harm Twitter, its customers, and its shareholders.”


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